Saturday, 24 November 2012


"I am so sorry with a cherry on top, please please please forgive please please I promise I won't do it again and I am ready for any punishment"

I wanted to start this post by saying sorry to anyone I have ever hurt in my life and I am asking for some forgiveness, I know that I shouldn't have hurt you in the first place, but the past is the past I hope you can forgive me and maybe we can be friends. 

Now I just want to ask all of you 1 question, do you make mistakes? Is it a big deal if you make a mistake? Why can't everyone be as understanding as you? If you make a mistake do you always go and apologize? These were all the questions that came to me yesterday when I was lying down in bed and reflecting on all of my mistakes. I then realized that we don't always do that and sometimes we can leave people hurt inside because we hurt them and then because we didn't even try to help. I know that I have made many mistakes in life but I am going to try and fix all the future ones as soon as they happen. 

I have made many mistakes such as completely ruining my friendship with someone and I hurt their feelings that they began to completely ignore me and I couldn't complain about it hurting me because I new that I had  hurt their feelings just as much as it was hurting me. I  just hope that the person who I hurt is willing to be friends with me. I still haven't had the courage to go and ask for forgiveness but I doubt I ever will so I might as well say it here "I am so sorry, I promise to never ever hurt you again" I am not going to say their name because they know who they are and I hope that we can be friends.

I am also going to say something to all those guys and girls out there that if you make a mistake once it's an achievement because you have learnt what not to do if you do it again then you are a fool and if you doing it again and again then you are just a jerk and you need some friendly advice but if you continue on then I am sorry to tell you that you don't deserve friends that care about you. Right now I am in the last stage in a lot of relationships (friends) and I am going to make a promise right here right now that from now onwards I am going to try not to hurt anyone's feelings inf act I am going to try and make EVERYONE I see smile and I WILL cause a domino effect across the world so to everyone you see if you know them or you don't say hello and give them a warm smile. Do this for a while and you will see that the world will be a better place.

I would like to end this blog post with a quote by Giacomo Casanova " One who doesn't make mistakes makes nothing at all"


  1. Omg, that's funny cuz was just about to write a blog post to everyone I've hurt and wanted say sorry. And of course I've made mistakes. We all do. So if you do, it just proves that you are human- I know cheesy and what not. You asked if we make a mistake, do we go straight and apologize, but sometimes we can't. Sometimes it's not something you did to someone, it might be something you did to yourself or an object or the earth. Maybe you can't apologize to it or them or whatever. Maybe if we try to apologize to someone, they won't let us even talk to them. I don't know. It's just confusing. Sometimes you can't fix what you have done, but you can always make it better. Don't worry, if you are confused by this comment, you are not alone, I am too.

    Btw I don't agree with quote where it says that everyone learns from their mistakes, because some people don't, like on tv shows (just kidding)

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  3. Hey Sid,
    I would like to say sorry to everyone out there too, whom I've hurt and I can't bear to see them ignore me because of my mistakes. I have made many mistakes and your blog post made me reflect on it more than I ever did before.

    Hope the person you're saying sorry to forgives you soon!

  4. Sid, this blog post is really deep. But may I also say that we all make mistakes. We are only human. WE learn from our mistakes. On a math test, we may get some questions wrong, but thats how we learn what we don't understand so that we may work on it, get a better understanding, and gain new knowledge and skills.

    Sammie <3